Stones Sharp has emerged as a boutique Accounting Firm located in Kew. Since our commencement in 1940, we have been supporting individuals and businesses productively navigate their way by the complicated world of taxation. In present competitive business scenario, advice is significant. We adopt a highly tailored and personalized approach with all our valuable clients, whether they are small or large. Our key strength is our proficiency to develop for long term partnerships with our clients.

Our sound repute has been established on a foundation of communication, honesty and trust. We endeavor to become a necessary part of our clients businesses, delivering strategic planning and advice that will support them not only now but into future as well. Our forecasting programs and goal planning aid our clients get their financial results more rapidly, and under a way that encourages calculated outcomes and intelligent planning.

Stones Sharp Accountants has expertise in tailored Accounting and Taxation planning way outs for the following areas: Partnerships, Superannuation, Trusts, Companies; Deceased Estates & Individuals. We also provide Bookkeeping, Audit Insurance, Corporate Guidance; Self Managed Super Fund Strategy & Business Management Consulting.

Our ultimate approach involves a complete goal and financial based analysis for all of our clients. We afterward formulate a tailored, unique strategy solely based upon the meeting of these objectives. Our concentration to expert and detail knowledge in Taxation Law permits us to help you work intelligently, not harder. Our exceptional client satisfaction levels and long term relationships are a key sign of our work ethics and proficiency in our field.

The Stones Sharp office, in front of Alexandra Gardens in Kew – is equipped with state-of-the-art resources and technology. This guarantees not only that we can fulfill your requirements as proficiently as possible; we will also take on the highest level of analysis making certain your confidential information stays 100% protected. All of our systems are secured by the most advanced and latest security technology, making sure that your financial business is only yours. As technology keeps on to evolve and change, we aim to deliver services that are pertinent and tailored to our client’s requirements.

Our two managing partners Eric and Shane, backed by our dynamic professional’s team, have illustrated time and again that planning and advice is very useful. The right focus, the right strategy, the right timing can have colossal impacts on profitability, revenue and overall business accomplishment.

Stones Sharp Accountants welcome the opportunity to deliver you a free initial discussion with one of our specialist advisors, so call us today and arrange for an appointment.

Financial Planning Services – As Knowledge Is Power

This is a true statement that our whole life revolves around the finances. We always try hard to make money and plan several savings and investments and we work hard that our finances should be in a good shape. You would be trying hard in managing your business or office and making money. Though, do you think that all your financial concerns are in perfect shape, do you consider that all your investments would deliver profits, do you have a proper pension and protection plan. All these abovementioned questions are crucial ones and if your respond is no for any one of these then this is the suitable time to choose a financial planning services firm.

Indeed, financial planning services firms are those which plan your finances by providing several valuable services for your pensions, protection, tax planning, healthcare, mortgage services, investment & savings and also group employee benefits. These firms provide their services to both corporate and individual clients. These firms are composed of finance investigators, who are professional and talented, cautiously selected and rigorously trained. They are supported by a service focused management and research team providing tremendous support in all fields of financial services.

Nowadays, numerous people are choosing for financial planning services firms for tax planning. This is a well-known fact that the significance and frequency of changes in taxation laws are affecting several medium to small enterprises. The qualified taxation team of these firms can deliver outstanding taxation services and keep you updated with the modern taxation legislation. This is a tremendous approach to be familiar with everyday changing in taxation laws and to minimize tax liabilities. You also can get help regarding state tax issues like services tax, state taxes, payroll tax, stamp duty, land tax, and goods etc.

There are parts for investment that can be of immense benefit to you. Investment tools are at the core of financial planning services. These tools of investment can be long term Roth IRAs, deposits certificates, and even a stock portfolio. Your financial planner can get into comprehensive detail on these factors and even merge them for a more aggressive return on money. Principally, with any of these financial tools you will be putting your money in a fund that will be utilized as operating capital. You will put together money from the accrued interest as well as any bonuses depending upon what product you select to incorporate.

There exists a health savings account (HSA). An HSA is a kind of bank account utilized on behalf of traditional health insurance. There is a bank account tied to an insurance card and debit card. The money put into the HSA is allocated for medical expenditures only. Unlike customary health insurance, you are allowed to use money on any medical expenditures; this involves tours to the drug store for band-aids or cough medicine-things not generally available through customary health insurance.

Thus, whatever is your financial suggestion need whether it is taxation or pension, savings or investments or any other element, opt for Financial Planning Services firms and be familiar with the updated financial movements.